Rival Piper?


My name is Emily Pfeifer. On the first day of my first contracting gig, the art director ran up to me and said: "Your name means Rival Piper!" I thought, Huh, that's unique.

My career has been a colorful tapestry of projects. Trained as a graphic designer, I contracted through a single agency for a decade. During that time I worked on everything from front-end webpage updates for the company site, daily quick-turn design production for Fortune 25 companies, nearly eight years of photo editing for MSN.com, and visual design on an app development team.

After taking a break, I returned to the workforce and found myself as a production coordinator with Amazon Go and a creative producer for Porter Novelli. In working on these contracts I discovered that my design background and my analytical, detail-obsessed work style is a particular combination of skills. I'm interested in continuing down this path of production or program support, whether that is producing photo shoots or taking meeting notes. If it sounds like we'd be a good match, get in touch.






Greater Seattle Area


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